February 21, 2024
You are being LIED to concerning Depression

You are being LIED to concerning Depression


Why is it, that individuals presume the answer to every disease, especially clinical depression, is a medication? Is it because, every day, we are pounded with promotions as well as newspaper article that pills made in labs by males in white coats are the way to “cure” any condition we have.

” Overweight? Take this pill. Can not rest? Take that tablet, Struggling to concentrate? Take these tablets, Got anxiety? Take Prozac, or Fluoxetine, or Wellbrutin, or Ketamine, or whatever various other tablet as well as potion we can throw at you to earn money! … and also oh incidentally, you’ll need to take these pills every day for the rest of your life, and also they have negative effects, so you recognize what? You’ll have to take a number of various other pills everyday of your life to fight them!”

On a daily basis we are exposed to information and commercials that there is a brand-new wonder-drug which will certainly heal your anxiety. On a daily basis we are informed to take a tablet or potion which will magically change our lives as well as make us delighted. They reveal us pictures of a man or female deep in a pit of anguish, battling with life as a result of anxiety, after that offer you the sales pitch on why their innovative wonder-drug will “cure” you, as well as show you photos of that same guy or female running on a coastline or riding a horse, pleased and also material with life.

Those images all look remarkable, they make you assume that your life will certainly be every little thing you dreamed it could be if you simply take a tablet each day. There is a massive problem with the perfect pictures they show you as well as the wonderful things they tell you though:

No Drug “Remedies” Anxiety
In fact, when you think about it, when was the last time a medication treated anything? Polio possibly?

The reality is, pharmaceutical business do not want to heal anxiety. They make excessive cash by simply giving you pills that assist you to live with your illness. You see, there is no money in dealing with healthy people, and also there’s no cash in dealing with dead individuals either– yet there’s BILLIONS to be made from ailment and also suffering!

All any type of antidepressant will do, at best, is minimize your signs and symptoms of clinical depression. For the majority of people, they do not assist in any way. The facts as well as figures reveal that for the most part, taking an antidepressant drug is only a little far better than taking a sugar pill. I would stand virtually as much opportunity of treating your clinical depression if I informed you “Below, this drug is amazing and will cure you …” after that provided you a sugar pill. And also by the way, that would certainly be a far better thing to take on a daily basis, as sugar pills do not featured side-effects. All antidepressants come with adverse effects though, one of which may make you devote suicide!

Taking all this right into factor to consider, you might ask “If the big pharmaceutical firms are lying to us, why does not the federal government step in as well as do something?”. If so, great question, nonetheless the solution may scare you.

The government subsidizes ailment, they need to, there is excessive cash in it. Antidepressant medications are worth over $10 BILLION to the American economic situation alone and that number is rising year on year. The federal government knows this, as well as will certainly do all they can to maintain that number rising. For instance, in 2007, Hilary Clinton’s Health bill proposal pointed out the words “nourishment” and also “workout” just once– the word “medicines” nevertheless, was mentioned 14 times– much like the pharmaceutical firms wanted!

The government is not your nanny, the government is your dealer!

The Means to Heal Depression Naturally

The most awful feature of the lies that you are being told though, is that while the medications business are making billions from depression without supplying a cure, and also the governments of the globe are encouraging and allowing them to do so, there is a cure. An all-natural, all natural cure that any individual can do incredibly inexpensively as well as without the need for tablets or remedies. They will not tell you about it though, and it will not acquire much press, due to the fact that they won’t be able to make any kind of money from it!

is called the “Destroy Clinical Depression System ™” , a basic, 7 step overview to self-curing depression normally. The products maker, James Gordon, invested 20 years of his life with clinical depression and many of those years on medicine. He chose to do something concerning it by himself, as well as making use of a combinations of years of study he has performed in the location, together with his very own self-experimentation, came up with a system that GUARANTEES success …

If you would rather wait on a drug that “remedies” anxiety though, that’s fine. I doubt a medicines business will certainly ever launch one however– they are still mad in any way the cash they lost by healing Polio!

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